Today external spaces for all kinds of use, private, commercial or industrial, are an asset capable of conditioning the quality of our lives to a considerable degree. They can be complex or easy to manage, depending on the system employed. Today the most practical and economic answer is the optimized range of Upper automatic barriers that features various solutions suitable for controlling both fast-transit narrow passageways and wide passageways. All the barriers are equipped with non-reversible geared motors and built-in control panels with ODS obstacle detection system, and can be activated with the most up-to-date control systems. They are made from RAL 2000 orange painted steel, but some models are also available in a stainless steel version.
Road Blockers
Terrorism, vandalism, break-ins, and industrial espionage are facts of life. Systems secure and unbreakable equipments has always ensured the safety of people and property as rapid access to legitimate users only.
Automatic barriers up to 4.5 m
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