Dock loading systems
The docking products consist of dock levellers, dock shelters, load houses and dock-doors. These products, which can be delivered separately or combined into complete dock loading systems provide a rational, energy-efficient work environment that protects against the weather when loading and unloading. It optimises floor area utilisation by permitting loading and unloading outside the building.
Dock Leveller
Electro-hydraulic dock leveller with a swing lip.
The electro hydraulic are used to bridge the distance between the vehicle and the loading platform, thus eliminating the difference in height between the truck bed and the floor.

The electro hydraulic Leveller is built with the following parts:

* Platform: The platform is formed by a metal tear plate 5/7mm thick, under which is a solid structure based on laminating profiles, with fixed lateral shirttails and bar for maintenance.
* Swing lip: is made of tear sheet of metal 13/15mm with a drilling extreme and a fold of 5◦ that permits a perfect adaptation of the lip to the vehicle.
* This ramp can tolerate dynamic load of 6 tons and a static load of 10 tons.
* To ensure durability an anticorrosive primer is first applied and then polyurethane pain colour RAL 7016 is applied.
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