Euromatic Bi-Part Sliding Door
The door is made of horizontal panels and slides open horizontally in front or behind the façade. The door is parked at the front side or the rear side of the façade and clears the entire daylight opening.
The frame is made of Hollow steel section. The sliding door consists of Aluminium or Steel (as required) panels with a CFC-free polyurethane core with a density of at least 50kg/m3, as desired integrated in an Aluminium or Steel sandwich construction or in a construction (partially) with glass panels or round cornered vision panels. The external face as well as the internal face are made of 0,5 mm profiled aluminium stucco plate. In order to obtain a solid bond between the polyurethane and the metal sheet, the metal sheet is first covered with a special primer. The sliding doors can be spray painted in any desired RAL colour.
The door is at least 40mm thick. The sections have an insulation coefficient with a k-value of not more than 0,4 W/m²C. The profiles that guide the sliding door can be attached to the ceiling or the wall. The door can be supplied top as well as bottom rolling (depending to the Size of the Opening) and can be constructed out of one piece or as two parts of which one slides to the left and one to the right. The door is equipped with solid handles.
bearing rollers with which the sliding door can move, are adjustable in order to guarantee a smooth movement sideways over the whole width. Heavy bearing rollers and friction free guides allow the door to operate even very heavy doors manually.


The door is standard locked with a flat bar at the interior of the door.
Rubber seals are placed between the panels and alongside the frame of the door. Above the door a rain cover can be installed. Draught strips of a superior quality guarantee an excellent draught protection.
Manual operation (solid handles)
Electric operation, can be switched to manual control.
Manual / Electrically Operated Bi-Part Sliding
Door with Pass Door.
Single Leaf Sliding Door with Pass Door
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