Fast acting doors
This is a product specially developed for customers with intensive material flows or special applications. The common technical denominators are high opening and closing speed as well as the ability to take a hit.
The customer needs
Many customers face a need for high efficiency in production and distribution. Intensive material flows require short door passage times and thereby fast, safe and reliable doors. The Euromatic Inkema Rapidroll doors are designed to meet with these demands. Some applications like cold stores and food processing industry have special needs. For industry requiring fast acting doors during working hours and high security at night, a so called Day & Night combination is supplied.
Short passage times

All Rapidroll doors have a minimum opening speed of 1,0 m/s, which ensures

* Short passage times
* Higher work efficiency
* Energy savings
  The high opening speed also minimises the risk for door collisions with vehicles.
Safe operation
For personnel safety, all Rapidroll doors have a built in sensor in the bottom seal. At slightest contact with an obstacle the door stops and reverses. All doors comply with national safety regulations and electrically operated doors are CE-marked.
High reliability
The doors are either directly driven by a motor or counter-balanced weight. The construction is simple, robust and reliable. In the event of a power failure, all doors can be opened manually.
Quality all the way
All doors are designed and manufactured in a production unit certified according to the ISO 9001 quirements. Optimal lifetime is secured through our Suppliers Contract. One supplier takes the full responsibility.
Rapid roll door
Access and control
A number of manual and automatic control systems for opening and closing commands are designed and manufactured. Photocells are always recommended as optional safety equipment in door areas used by pedestrians
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