Glass Sliding Doors
EUROMATIC offers its customers a complete range of automatic systems for sliding pedestrian doors so as to permit choice of the right product at the right price every time, depending on performance requirements. Whether for heavy traffic requiring high door opening speeds or for low traffic such as in the home and office or for rapid and safe movement of heavy reinforced doors as in the banks, security areas and others, EUROMATIC automatic systems provide the right answer to every pedestrian traffic flow problem.
Euromatic REX
Incorporating an advanced design philosophy
this automation system features truly unique technological solutions. The drive unit and the electronic control board are built into one so as to reduce installation time to a minimum. With a lot of it’s components common with other automatic systems, REX is also easy to service and maintain, while costs are reduced to a minimum.
An extremely flexible system, REX can be supplied with a traditional aluminium box or in case of lack of space, with a simple guide.
REX can be fitted with a wide range of security and control accessories as well as with a number of safety devices including Door lock System, Additional manual lock release mechanism, Breakaway anti-panic system only for mobile wings, Total breakaway anti-panic system for both mobile and fixed wings
Euromatic Civic

Still today, when people think of an automatic pedestrian door, the thought immediately goes to the external doors of the super market, airports, hotels or other such public establishments. Rarely is an automatic pedestrian door seen as something to be mounted at home or inside a building. And yet there are cases where an automatic door in such places is indispensable, for example in the case of elderly people or of people with deambulating difficulties at home, in nurseries, hospitals and so on..
EUROMATIC is the only company which has specifically faced this problem and CIVIC is the answer. CIVIC features the geared motor with a silver anodized aluminum sliding track and the trolleys of the REX series making for a system of excellent value for money which is easy to assemble and commission.
Euromatic GT Series
The GT Series of automatic systems for
sliding doors comprises four models covering a wide range of installation requirements. Exclusive design and construction features make each model ideal for the intended application. Capacity for instance, ranges from 150 Kgs, in the GTV model to 450 Kgs. In the GTS-P. All models in the GT series can be fitted with a wide range of control, safety and security accessories as well as with specific devices such as
Wing locking device
Additional manual locking release
Battery-powered anti-panic device
Breakaway annti-panic device for mobile wings only, Total reakaway anti-panic
Device for both mobile and fixed wings.
Innovative design, state-of-art technology and easy to assemble are what makes the automatic systems of GT Series products of superior quality.
Euromatic GTS-L & GTS-P Model

These two models are particularly suited to meet numerically
reduced but high performance installation requirements. In fact, they can move heavy weight doors up to 450 Kgs. At high speed, a feat that can only be accomplished by systems incorporating advanced technology, of study construction and maximum dependability. GTS-L and GTS-P posses these features at their best.
Euromatic Telescopic GTE Model
GTE has been designed for the automation of
telescopic sliding doors. It is capable of moving two or four wings simultaneously depending on whether the door is made up of 1+1 wing of 2+2 sliding wings. The advantage afforded by this solution is best appreciated in terms of clear opening
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