The Load House Concept
The customer needs
The load house makes it possible to move the actual loading and unloading area outside the building and thereby releasing the corresponding floor area inside.
The load house also forms a protective barrier between building and vehicle, contributing to energy savings and an improved working environment. Dock levellers and shelters can be integrated with the load house, together forming a complete Autodock® system.
To choose the right load house

The choice of load house is normally based on four conditions:

* Building design
  * Vehicle sizes
  * Temperature requirements
  * Ground area available for dock-in manoeuvring
The load house can be installed on an existing loading bay or as a self supporting unit where bays are not available. A special model is available for locations with very low bay floor. The load house can be supplied insulated version.
When the ground area outside the load house does not permit manoeuvring for normal 90° dock-in manoeuvres, the angled load house is a suitable solution since the driver needs less space for the reversing operation. Another way of saving space is by having multiple load houses installed instead of several singles.
       Single installation       Multiple installation
Robust design
The load houses are designed for wind loads up to 0.65 kPa corresponding to 32 m/s or 115 km/h - and for heavy snow load.
Dock-in protection
Solid steel guards protect the load house against dock-in collisions. Repair costs can be reduced.
Integrated construction
Platform/leveller and house/shelter reduce installation time.
Protective inside boarding - to protect the inner walls of the load house from forklift damages. Height 1200 mm.
Interior lighting - to improve the working conditions in the load house.
Roof drainage - in order to avoid water to pour down on the truck, the load house can be fitted with roof drainage, complete with bends, union piece and bowl.
Cover plates - for sealing between the load house and the building.
Inside condensation protection. Specially treated inside roof sheets to prevent condensation dripping.
Steel guards in various designs depending on dock-in frequency.
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