Sliding Gates
Sliding gates represent a case requiring very compact Motorised systems that are easy to install, reliable and also good-looking. The Euro range is capable of satisfying all these requirements with various models, all of which are irreversible, with a manual release system protected by a key lock.

The Sliding gate will be completely self supported on bottom heavy duty wheels and top roller set to enable gate move cantilever free from top obstruction in the gate opening area.
Imported Electro-mechanical Operator for Sliding Gates weighing up to 1600 kg. Optional built in electronic control panel. Mechanical Clutch and Electrical Limit switch for correct operation in total safety
All the functions of the gates are managed and controlled by an electronic unit that supervises and ensures correct operation for many, many years.
A recommended optional (not included) device is an infra red photoelectric cell that is used for safety, and is exceptionally reliable in all sorts of surroundings and weather
Euro 3
Euro 61
Euro 230
Automatic system for sliding gate up to 300 Kg.
Automatic system for sliding gate up to 600 Kg.
Automatic system for sliding gate up to 2000 Kg.
Sliding Gates With Pass-Doors
Sliding Gates With Built-in Pass-Doors
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